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Meet DOUG LONG, creative, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver English COPYWRITER who specializes in
SEO Copywriting for Search Engine Optimization and Web site Promotion.

Award-winning, technically savvy seo copywriter can turn your marketing vision & Web site into sales!

Can't find the right words or the big idea to sell your products and financial services? Doug Long can. He has been writing copy that sells for more than 35 years. Ads, direct mail, scripts, articles, user guides, speeches, annual reports, radio spots, TV, books ...  Copywriter Doug does it all!

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Doug Long uses his copywriting and creative talents in Web site marketing and Web site promotion to win top search engine ranking for client Web sites. As a SEO specialist and expert, few can compare. If you need copywriting that makes your site sizzle, PLUS top search engine placement, you've come to the write place. Copywriting and search engine optimization (seo). That's what Copywriter Doug Long does best.

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He informs, persuades, entertains, educates, amuses, motivates ... and sells! He writes well. He writes fast. He meets deadlines and budgets.  Keep reading, or click to e-mail Copywriter and SEO specialist Doug now to rev up your sales and make your corporate communications sparkle.

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Copywriter Doug has published more than five million words in mainstream media and for major corporate clients.  He has taught Direct-marketing Creative at McGill University and Public Speaking at Concordia University (both in Montreal). 

Copywriter Doug's postgraduate years were spent as Finance Editor for The Canadian Press, Public Relations Manager for Sun Life of Canada and Associate Editor for Reader's Digest Books. Since 1978, he has been freelancing as a Copywriter and Marketing Consultant. 

Endlessly creative, Doug always finds the words that make a concept sing, dance ... and SELL.  He telecommutes well with clients at a distance, via phone, fax, email and Web.




  •  First Place Ad Readership Award, from Software News Magazine;

  •  The International Editorial and Design Award, for hardcover books, from The Printing Industries of America (for Outdoors Canada);

  •  The Gold Quill, from the International Association of Business Communicators;

  •  The Bill Irby Memorial Award, for communications excellence;

  •  Life Insurance Advertiser's Association Award of Excellence (won seven times).


Copywriter Doug has produced marketing solutions for such clients as: The Royal Bank, Central Guaranty Trust, Diner's Club, Canadian General Life, American Appraisal Canada, Yardley of London, Johnson & Johnson, Bata Canada, Discus Music Stores, the CAA, MicroTempus, Logo Computer Systems, Lofthouse Brass Manufacturing, Syntax Systems, Teleglobe Canada, Culinar, BCE Emergis, Kodak Canada, Standard Life and others.


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Doug is familiar with most PC-based hardware and software.  Since 1989, he has been extensively involved in on-line and Internet marketing. He is a member of the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC). 

His 35+ years of copywriting and marketing experience cover everything from strategies and distribution to advertising and publicity, in both Canada and the U.S. 

He is known and trusted for his ability to deliver successful projects, ad creative, copy and collateral materials, on time and within budget. 


When not writing sales-winning copy, Doug Long writes Pop, Country,  Novelty and Comedy Songs . He also writes 55-word stories called Shorties , the World's shortest stories.

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To discuss a project with Doug, call him at (250) 247-7104 (1 p.m. to 4 p.m. PST only). "Shorties" is a trademark of Fictive Press, a division of 2815699 Canada Inc

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